This blog started with small daily paintings then changed to a more personal sharing of projects, events and photos. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tea! nodp

No this is not a painting, and that nodp next to the title ensures that this picture won't be picked up and posted onto the

I'll be posting just a few pictures and some progress on a few projects I'm doing, but my painting has to take a back seat. Lots of reasons--my granddaughter's preschool will be closing (next week! just found out about that today)--I'll be traveling--my daughter will be marrying.

From now until June 16, I'll be posting some of my older paintings on the website. The paintings will show up on their website, but here, they're listed under my older posts.
Today I posted, "Conditioner" My paintings have changed since then. It's interesting to see that change--even the way I take the picture of the finished painting has changed--(getting to know my digital camera) It's humbling to go back and view it again--I'm shrinking a little inside.

So I wish you could all come over for a luncheon/tea! I do appreciate your visits, your e-mails and comments. I will keep you posted on the other things that I'm creating and I'll get back to painting again--not sure at this point when that will be...


Martha Miller said...

Jolly Good, Old Bean!!!

Susan Beauchemin said...

And you, old bean, I'll have some real tea with you I'm sure!

Dean Grey said...


That table luncheon looks scrumptious!

It would make an awesome painting, don't you think?

I took a look at your older painting "conditioner". Wow you've grown a LOT since then.

You had a unique sense of composition even back then. Don't shrink too much, it's still a great painting.

Congrats to your daughter too!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Oh thanks Dean!