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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Water Spigot II

Another spigot on a warm dry CA day.
A few posts back, I left off talking about things I've learned about myself while painting almost daily for a year. I said I'd talk about ego later. Yikes, why did I say that! OK---I'll try to be very honest, (my ego wants me to lie.) My ego seems to be tied to the moon. One day it's embarrassingly large, like a child's, another day I disappear. Painting at this steady pace, a rhythmic pace, seems to drum over my fluctuating ego; it pushes it to one side. My ego wants to linger in the light--tell me I'm great, or linger in the dark--I'm nothing but a nothing. Reality is, it's another day--turn off your mind and paint! I've found the constancy of painting, effects the ego like Prozac effects wild swings of emotion. I guess that's a good thing--but there is a deadening feeling--I can't go on pushing my ego aside----which brings me back to the first most important thing I've learned this year of painting--that is, I can't paint everyday!
Watercolor 7"x 7"
$120 matted / $160 matted & framed

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Martha Miller said...

Well, look out, because this is for your EGO to hear:
These last three paintings of yours are
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ GREAT!! Phenomenal! Really gorgeous!!! The compositions are STRONG and the painting surfaces are so varied and alive and fascinating! They just sparkle!!! BRAVO!!!

Susan Beauchemin said...

My ego thanks you!!

Merle said...

Congratulations on your year milestone, the interesting insights about the ego, and I agree with Martha-BRAVO !

Anonymous said...

a wise woman once told me:
it's good to have a routine so you can deviate from it!

i'm off topic on the ego thing, but it sure looks like you got a lot of beautiful work done one painting at a time even if it wasn't every day in a row.
remember the old Steven Wright routine?...guy goes to the store24 and it's not open, so he sees the manager on the sidewalk and says what's the deal, I thought this was open 24 hours? and the owner says, YES, but not consecutive!

I love looking at them and reading along...and I don't come here every day, but every time I do, my world is literally brighter.

thank you!!!!