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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Once upon a time I was on a kick of making pinwheels. I perfected how to make them from acetate so they could weather the outdoors (for a few seasons). I sold them and gave them as gifts. I made simpler paper ones with my art students, I had pinwheels whirling inside and out. I tried driftwood for the sticks, and chopsticks for the paper ones, I've experimented with all sorts of beads and dowels. Last night I got out my bag of left over pinwheel supplies and made a few paper ones with my granddaughter. Pinwheels are fun!

Watercolor 7"x 7"
$120 matted / $160 matted & framed

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Michaela said...

I (or should i say the kids) just made 30 pin wheels for a gift for mothers day. The kids painted them then I drilled 30 pieces of drift wood, and punching holes in 30 pieces of plastic, and then just putting them together. They came out really good though---but boy was it a lot of work. That's a project for older kids not 4 year olds. Too much prep!

Susan Beauchemin said...

It's a tough one even for older kids--of course part of the problem is the size of the classrooms, as far as students. I did the acitate ones with Jr high kids--good age. I did the paper ones with 3rd or 4th grade, still a bit tough, but do-able in two 45min lessons. I did all the drilling. Good gift for mother's day!