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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ushering Gophers out the Door

I'm still working on a charcoal figure drawing of my son's girlfriend, who was nice enough to sit for me yesterday, so here's an oil painting I did about a year ago. This image is from a dream where I was holding a flashlight to direct these gopher like creatures out the door. I believe this dream is symbolic of things that are hidden or buried in my subconscious that I'm now ready to let out, to face. With the news of that family who was released from their father's captivity, this painting could take on a different meaning. I've had that news on my mind since I've heard it, so here's my dream painting. This painting belongs to me it isn't for sale--sorry! I hope to post my figure drawing tomorrow.


Martha Miller said...

When you think of the gopher as a "Go Fer" - the one who goes and does all the jobs that need to be done - this gives the dream a further level of meaning! Cool painting! And yes, THAT FAMILY IN AUSTRIA. As you well know (because we've talked about it ad nauseum) that story has haunted me for weeks as well. Whew. All I can do is pray for healing. Here's a great mantra for when that story comes to haunt:
May I be Filled with Loving Kindness.
May I Be Well.
May I be Paeceful and At Ease.
May I Be Happy.
(then breathe deep)

Martha Miller said...

(I do know how to spell it)