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Saturday, March 15, 2008

South Side of Hollister

I hiked up Chumash trail--found a spot. The winds were strong up to 40mph gusts. I was on the top of a little crest. I had on extra layers, but the wind was going right through me. In my art supplies, I found an old rag large enough to wear as a scarf. Under my jacket and under my husbands flannel jacket, I had on a sweater with a cowl neckline. I pulled that halfway up the back of my head (wishing it was a hood!) Then I found an old hair stick I hadn't finished whittling, I whittled a point and pinned the sweater neck to my scarf. I buttoned the wrists of my jacket. I had an almost empty bottle of pink soap (I use this on my masking fluid brush). With my apron tie, I fastened the bottle to my waist, so the wind wouldn't blow it away. It was pretty handy having the bottle right there at the ready and it was nearly empty so nothing came out when I bent over. I may do that again on a still day. Later, after packing up and tying my things to a three wheel baby stroller and heading out to a main road, I almost forgot I had on this makeshift headgear and really didn't want to take it off and how ridiculous that I did, because here I was pushing this stroller full of stuff, might as well have on some strange head gear. This is one of two paintings that go together. I'll post the other tomorrow.
Watercolor, 7"x 7"

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