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Monday, March 17, 2008

Lizard Day

All the lizards were out chasing each other today. It's sunny and warm--the kind of day lizards love. I thought about painting one. I could have caught one with a thin blade of grass, but I didn't want to hold one captive on this great lizard playing day. Then my cat charged across the back yard and pounced on this big lizard. I chased the cat away--the lizard wasn't moving. I thought it was hurt, but it must have been in shock. I placed it on a high stool where it sat very still while I sketched it a few times. It was watching every move I made. It was also aware of the cat lounging in the shade of the car, so this lizard made a great model! It finally jumped off the stool onto a nearby table and made its escape out into the yard, but I had to chase the cat away from it a second time! My cat is a hunter.
Watercolor, 7"x 7"


martha said...

It is still sooo cooold here in the state 'o' maine...i would love a lizard day! love seeing the pic of you and P! and is that your CAT? what a MONSTER! no wonder that lizard was in shock!!!

Anonymous said...

Pippin is the most amazing hunting cat I've ever seen. One time she leaped up into the sky and caught a bat. Another time she caught a humming bird and brought it into the house without actually hurting it. I made her drop it. I thought it was hurt so i put it in a box and it must have just been in shock because when it got it's heart beat back it took off flying all over the house. I had to catch it and put it out before it did more damage to itself smashing into windows. Pippin also likes to chase me---i run around the outside of the house and she runs after me and then will switch directions and really scare me by all of a sudden coming right at me. God i miss her. Sometimes more then i miss my family---just kidding mom :)

Don Gray said...

Gotta love these lizards!

Susan Beauchemin said...

Yes, that's my cat, Pippin. She's getting a little old, but she still hunts daily. She has to be tough because I live in a place where SHE could be hunted.

So, you miss Pippin more than your family!--understandable--Love you--Mom

Thanks Don!