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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fairy Necklace

I stayed up late again playing with my granddaughter's Shrinky Dink supplies. I created this design to use as a stencil possibly in her room, since she loves fairies, but thought I'd try it out as a necklace. I used a medium tip sharpie marker on the smooth side of the Shrinky Dink plastic and added the color with pencils on the rough side. After cooking for the few minutes and cooling, I brushed on some acrylic medium over the color pencil to seal in the color.


michaela said...

ahhh so is this the necklace you don't get credit for because the fairies left it for her in the lupin bush aka fairy mail box? she was so excited about that she told me all about it on the phone and i was wondering if it was the neighbors again. now i think i know who the really fairy queen is :)

martha miller said...


Susan Beauchemin said...

No--this necklace was from me at Valentine's day. The one that was "left" by queen rose, is a small gray rock with a hole that the fairy queen must have decorated and strung with a satin cord. Shhhh! :)


Why thanks!