This blog started with small daily paintings then changed to a more personal sharing of projects, events and photos. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Power Lines III

This painting will be in an art show called Skylines during most of June--If you're interested in buying this one, you can e-mail me,, but I'll have to hold on to it till July.
I ordered supplies and they just came in--yes!
I have a bit of framing to do--have a good weekend!
Watercolor, 7"x 7"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Foggy Day Power Line

This telephone pole is just across the street from my house.
We had Art in the Park here in Morro Bay this past weekend--see below...
Watercolor, 7"x 7"

I bought this sweet little (about 3 1/2 x 2") watercolor painting at the Morro Bay art in the Park this past weekend. I just love this painting.

I went right home and framed it using a piece of plexi glass, mat board and tape around the edges. Click on the picture to read their business card.

I also like the idea of two sisters (twins) selling their art together. Check out their web site , Fantasy Art!
Their styles compliment each other, with detailed whimsical paintings--very nicely done!
Cara and Christi also have an Etsy shop.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Power Lines II

More power lines.
Below---fun with paper.
Watercolor, 7"x 7"

I love my granddaughter's paper doll--that's her green sink on the right--Gumby just happens to be looking on. I tried to make an old fashion paper doll--the kind I remember my grandmother making for my sister and I.

Grandpa has his own ideas for paper fun.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Power Lines

We lost our power early in the dark of the morning. A friend of mine is hanging an art show with power lines/communication for a theme. I thought I'd do a few small paintings to possibly hang. there are lots of crazy overloaded poles probably in more than one place here in this little town--wires threaded every which way overhead--poles bending--scary looking really!
Watercolor, 7"x 7"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Orange Skirt Laundry

Wet laundry on a foggy day.
Watercolor 7"x 7"
$120 matted / $160 matted & framed

For international or expedited shipping, please contact me prior to purchase.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Purple Skirt Laundry

Watercolor 7"x 7"
$120 matted / $160 matted & framed

For international or expedited shipping, please contact me prior to purchase.

I have two awards I'd like to take care of in one shot--well that's how I'm going to do it anyway. I'm honored to receive them both, but because of time, I'm sending them out to four people instead of seven for each award.
For the passionate painting award given to me by Chris Beck:

Martha Miller (yes, my sister, but she would get this award anyway, because, well...check out her blog and website)
Dean Grey (What a great self portrait--just full of passion!)
Bruce MacEvory (A very talented watercolorist. Also, another dynamic self portrait)
Don Gray (I love his series of doors--also you may have to go to his older posts, but check out his video of doors!)

The Lemonade Award is given to bloggers that show a positive attitude and/or gratitude. It also exemplifies people who have a willingness to share their ideas, support, and online friendship. (The award is posted on the side of my blog), given to me by Dean Grey: (I wanted to tell about this award when posting my painting of the lemon tree--just pretend I did!)

Barbara Fox (Lovely watercolors!)
Sheila Vaughan (beautiful atmospheric oil paintings!)
Ron Morrison (I particularly like the pile up of junk cars!)
Melissa Mead (A busy mother who happens to do beautiful paintings!)

As I'm linking, I'm realizing that all of these people deserve the passionate painter award and all deserve the lemonade award, so you may choose either award, or both, or none! Why not?! If you want to follow the rules you'll put a link to where you got the award, then list seven people deserving of--linking to them as well and telling each one, somewhere on their blog that they have received the award. You can also list, if you wish, seven things you love. Here are mine:

My family, Breakfast, The moon, Walking, Creating things (all kinds of things!), Tea (There goes the kettle), Reading a good book, Camping, Magic, Music... I have more than seven, I could go on and I'm not being very specific, like what kind of tea and what foods for breakfast and where do I like to camp and what type of music---I'm just keeping it as short as I can--must go pick up my granddaughter--speaking of love...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pastel Skirt Laundry

I had all these great ideas of linking any other paintings having to do with clothes hanging on a line. It's a good idea, but I need to play with my granddaughter before she gets way too upset with me for being on this computer!!
Below--we had more Unicorn fun--notice I had to make a home for him--someplace to hang him, or else the strings would tangle if we put him down--we had him hanging on the edge of things, a shelf, the table, a window sill with a heavy something holding down his controls, but that just wasn't working. Then we organized and moved this bookshelf--her books were getting out of control--I should have taken a picture of that!
Watercolor 7"x 7"
$120 matted / $160 matted & framed

For international or expedited shipping, please contact me prior to purchase.