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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

3D Art Lesson for the Third Grade

This is a one day (about 45min ) lesson.  We first stood up and made the large meditative circles in complete silence--this is very soothing--full arm movements--dipping the large brush into the dark purple paint and going round and round until it's dry--conscious of our breathing and not caring about making a perfect circle.  We made two, a practice one on newspaper and then one on white construction paper.  We then painted them in, (choice of blue or magenta--I used only two colors just to make it easier and faster to put the pallets together)  While the paint was still wet we put in the core shadow (using the dark purple paint) and feathered the shadow's edges (for this,we quickly washed and dried our brush) to blend, and hopefully create the 3D illusion.  Making sure our brushes were clean for the white paint, we blobbed on the highlight opposite the shadow.

Before my demonstration, we talked about, 3D,  the difference between spheres and circles, we looked at a charcoal drawing of a sphere and pointed out the highlight--the shadow--the core-shadow--and the reflected light.
It's a simple lesson, but fun and you can see the 3D effect on most of these.