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Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Tribute using Shrinkydink

 Portraits, shrinkydinked and Photo-shopped.

I love this photo and had it on my wall in my kitchen until it faded so I could barely make out their faces, so of course, it was time to Shrinkydink!  I've hung this in my kitchen.  These three fantastic ladies have nurtured, inspired, supported and loved me along with all my siblings and cousins.
An Aunt.....A Grandmother......A Mother
Librarian.......Milliner.......Factory worker
brown bread.....beans.....corn
fresh air.......warm bread.......beach

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Recreating Glenda's Crown

It was the night before the show.  My granddaughter's gown had to be pinned in spots, and I was given an old crown to possibly fix for the performance...

This Glenda crown is many years old and beyond fixing--I tried to determine what it was made from.  It looks to be a gauzy material soaked in fiberglass and sparkles.  Now it just crackles at the touch.  It must have been a beautiful sight to behold when it was freshly made.  What doesn't show in this picture is that the silver stars on top are glued to little lengths of a thick fishing line that would move and shimmer when worn.
This is pure brilliance!

    I made this one using a pattern I got from the old crown.  The evening before the show, I roamed Rite Aid and the Dollar store.   I used a shiny pink little costume skirt from the Dollar store (unbelievably easy to pull apart!) and some clear contact paper from Rite Aid.   I laid the pink material in between two pieces of contact paper--used wire and what ever I had on hand.   I stayed up way too late working on this----Had to cut the height of it down, twice--had to try to made the thing adjustable to fit and stay on.   If I had to do this again I wouldn't use contact paper---it wants to droop, but the added wires helped.  I would have loved to add those shimmering stars on the top, but I was afraid the extra weight would bend the contact paper and I didn't have those big shiny stars that could hold their own, just some hand cut aluminum stars that would no doubt fold over in some unpleasing ways if left to bounce on their own up there.

The crown in action---it worked!

"Let the joyous news be spread, the wicked old witch at last is dead!"