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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Basket For the Lid

You may remember my ill fitting pine needle basket lid?  It now has a home atop my new basket!  It fits, but it could be just a bit tighter--it's good enough!

I ran out of the lighter artificial sinew, but I like the thick border of the darker color.

I've designated this basket as my new feather holder--note my new chicken feathers!


Friday, September 6, 2013

My Favorite Falconer

Off to work with a new partner!  My son has a new job as a falconer.  His partner here is a hawk.  The hawk scares the seagulls away at a local landfill.

The hawk doesn't fly away, because it knows where its food comes from--tasty bits of quail!

Just the sight of it flying, will scare the seagulls away.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Children's Crafts Fair, 2013

This was our fourth year for my granddaughter to sell her crafts at the Children's Craft Fair held at the Los Osos Library.  In the past I found myself helping to make the crafts a little too much--this year I really did take a good step back from doing this--I did help, but it was within reason.

We sold amulets with an assortment of interesting pebbles to choose from.

Barbie dresses made from old T-shirts...

I love her little drawings!

We grew Nasturtiums, made rose peddle beads, but the sifted compost didn't sell at all.

We made rose oil and bottled it for putting together a love spell, which also involves a rose thorn and a candle.

We sold most of these love spell kits.


Our pressed flowers just about sold out--it was a good fair--lots of fun!

Fairy Garden

While visiting, my daughter had all the supplies ready for us to put together this great fairy garden!  Each pot has a different purpose for the fairies.  The big red pot is their main meeting area.  The pan is where they sleep.  The tea pot with the white flower is where they occasionally sleep, cook and eat.  The sand dish with the amethyst and the feathers is a place to relax and then the water dish is of course for swimming and bathing.