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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Making Magnificent Magnifying Magnets, nodp

My daughter, while visiting over Christmas, showed me how to make these magnets--since then I've been eying all magazines, wrappings, old calendars, old books, junk mail....finding great little pictures to punch out. When the little glass orb is glued on, the image is magnified--so much fun to make!! The glue is industrial strength--toxic; this is the only thing I don't really like about this project, so I rub my hands with gloves in a bottle--wear a face mask--open a window and glue away!!
My revisited painting for today is: 'Spewing Fish'


Chris Beck said...

You come up with the coolest projects!! This is intriguing - I'd love to know where to get the magnets and magnifiers. If you're willing to share that info, I'd appreciate it.

Cynthia said...

oh how cool are they!! I have a drawer full of those things well FINALLY I have something to do with them...oh thanks so very much.

martha miller said...

I LOVE THESE! and I LOVE MINE!!! Thankyou again!!! xoxox

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Chris! The little glass pieces are those glass accents you can buy by the bag full at most any garden shop--or craft shop. They're used for putting in vases and come in all colors, but My daughter and I found out the clear glass ones work the best (not the pearlesque ones)


Hi Cynthia! Yes put a thin layer of glue on the magnet--put on the punched out picture--then a small pea sized glob of glue--press on the glass orb and voila!! let dry for two days.


Hi Martha! You've got more coming--just sent some out to you and Michaela. Couldn't resist!!

Chris Beck said...

Thanks, Susan! What a wonderfully creative use for those little glass "stones" -- I'll have to look around next time I'm at the craft store.

martha miller said...

your links kill me!!! :^) :^P :^D
too funny!!!

Dean Grey said...

So very cool, Susan!

I agree with Chris. You really do come up with the neatest projects!


Susan Beauchemin said...

My daughter came up with this project--it is a good one!

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