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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Re-seasoning my Cast Iron Pans

I scrapped off the build up on my cast iron pans--a project that took about a week to finish.  I wish I had taken a picture of the pan before scrapping it down.  The inside of the pan wasn't bad and in fact was seasoned nicely--it was the outside that was thick with about 40 years of bumpy black build up.  This pan crossed the country with my husband and I way back when we traveled and camped our way from RI to CA.  So here it is taken down to its raw metal.

and here it is after I seasoned it a second time in the oven.  It's now ready to use--it will probably take awhile to build up the inside of the pan to the seasoned surface it once was.

I picked up the middle pan at a thrift store--that's what got me started on refinishing all of these.  Turns out the thrift store pan does have a pitted area on the inside.  I tried to sand it smooth, but it's still there--I'm hoping I can season it enough so that area isn't a problem.  This project worked my hands sore!


michaela said...

my favorite pan :) truthfully it's making me want one of dads burritos

Susan Beauchemin said...

The larger one is my favorite pan too. I've used it a few times since the re-seasoning, and the food did stick more than usual--I know it will get better the more I use it.