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Friday, May 3, 2013

A Sculpture Project

I decided to teach a small sculpture project for my granddaughter's third grade class.  I made up a sort of kit for each student--we all started out the same, but these animals will all be different.

The student's twisted the newspaper, knotted a head, threaded it through the tube and taped it to form the head, neck and tail--lots of masking tape is needed.

These are taped together and ready for the paper mache.

Today was paper mache day!  This step was a bit tough for the students.  They put on a layer of newspaper and then the last layer of white tissue paper--(the tissue goes on dry and is painted on with a brush dipped in wheat paste).  The last step was to form ears with a few strips of plaster gauze.

I did stay later to touch up the ones that were threatening to fall apart--most of these will be able to stand on their own.  Next week, we paint and add details--I'm curious to see how they'll come out.


martha said...

So GREAT!!! Lucky kiddos!!!

Susan Beauchemin said...

They did enjoy making these!

PandoZine said...

Hello Susan!
Congratulations, I think this project is MARVELLOUS.

Me he permitido tomar una imagen de su post y colocar un enlace a él, en una actividad de ESCULTURA que propuse a mis alumnos de Secundaria, para realizar en casa durante esta cuarentena:

Thank you Susan, and keep up the great work!