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Monday, April 22, 2013

Ponderings About my Garden Net

My small garden area is now completely surrounded in this black plastic net.  Thinking I solved the problem, I then transplanted a few volunteers into some more above ground containers and put them in this netted space.  Next day: a few more leaves chewed on the edges!  Did I just block off the birds that were eating the bugs?  Did I spend two days wrangling with this net only to make things worse?

Turns out I'm right about the sparrows--they will eat the greens and this little garden sits right on the edge of a wild area of chaparral--they can easily flit from the brush to this garden--and they have!!  Now I'm wondering if I'll have a bug problem since I've eliminated all the birds!

I just took the milk jug off this lettuce plant--it's my sacrificial plant--time will tell...

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