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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Bunny House

I made this bunny house--it took awhile since I used an old hand saw.  The wood was kind of old too, so I painted it all over with some old paint--the flap door is from an old outdoor rug.  (using some old things to make something new--I felt like a little kid making a clubhouse)  My plan is to make a snug house ready for the bunny to stay outside during the night.  I'm hopefully thinking that it could run free during the day, and it would happily hop back to its house when the sun goes down, then all I'd have to do is close the garden gate in the evening?  Well, it's worth a try...
I made it to fit on top of an old cooler that I had sunk into the ground a few years ago for an extra planter.  The planter idea didn't work out, so I emptied the dirt, put in a cushiony layer of wood chips and pine needles, topped that with the bunny house or bunny extension walls...
Then topped that with an old boogie board and heavy rocks--should work!  I'd live there if I were small enough!  My plan is dashed though, because once again the bunny is loose!  I planned on giving the bunny a few days to get used to this new house--maybe have it out during the night to see if she'd venture inside her new house--keep her caged until she's comfortable with it.  Now, I've got to catch her first--rats!

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