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Monday, April 16, 2012

Pots of Pebbles

I took my finished pots to Montana De Oro, to a little beach that I've renamed amber cove.  Shiny hard pebbles of amber are all over the beach--in all shades from almost clear to very very dark.  I filled two pots of amber, then the others with what colors I could find: small white sandstones, hard black stones, soft orange sandstones, smoothed and rounded deep blue pieces of muscle shells, white sea-glass, and green (which was the hardest color to find) I used a combination of hard stones and sea-glass and still couldn't fill the container with green.
Somehow I felt that filling the pots with colorful beach stones would complete the making of them, even though I'll most likely empty them.  And sorting through the small treasures in the warm sand is such a pleasure, I felt I just had to do this!  


michaela said...

love the pots and their colored treasures. Next time i come to visit i want to go amber beach. You would just love glass beach in fort bragg and how you can look for all different sorts of colored glass. love you mom

martha miller said...

Pretty and magical!

Susan Beauchemin said...

I will take you to amber beach! ooh-pots full of colored glass!