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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Fairy and her Dragons

What to do for party favors? I just can't buy those crappy cheap party favors in the stores, but then what do I put in their party bags? Even if a well made nice little toy cost a dollar, well then, times that by 12 for just one party bag gift?
But now you're talking time--it takes time to make a number of little things--why do I always forget that! In my mind, I can whip up 12 cool little toys in a day dream.
I used some left over Sculpty clay--kind of dry, so I had to soften it with my fingers--my fingers are red and sore today--made, not enough dragons, but I like them and so does the fairy, made by my granddaughter.
I need more clay and more time!


martha miller said...

those are sooo cute!
(are you walking the floor?)


su b paces

Susan Beauchemin said...

Patience wishes you could be here for her party!
I'm not pacing--too much to do!

martha miller said...

WV: desubi

desubi too busy to pace, then?

when is the party - on P's birthday, or today? have fun!! wish i could be there, too! xox