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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Children's Crafts Fair 2011

It's kind of funny to see all that we've been working on, all that was recently spread from one side of our living room to the other, in a compact little pile ready to be transported.

Behind the scenes--the backs of the action figures and of course duck tape and safety pins.
(Picture taken by Patience)

For $1.50 you could have your portrait drawn and framed by my granddaughter--great deal!!

I'm not too sure this little guy liked his portrait, but he was a good sport about it.

It only lasted two hours, we sold most of what we made except for the action figures--the fair goers missed out on the genius of those action finger figures--but, two cool skate boarding girls bought a couple of sets--they were seen later skating down the side walk with their newly purchased figures in their back pockets.


martha miller said...

Coolest booth at the fair!! Love these pics!! LOVE P's portraits!!! xoxox

Susan Beauchemin said...

It was fun! I'll have to post a picture of my and Mike's portraits--very cool!