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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hurt Pelican

Today I thought if I don't walk the minute I get home from dropping off the little one to Kindergarten, I won't to it.

So off I go and what do I find, but this hurt pelican! Blast, I hadn't walked a minute and I'm stopped in my tracks--what to do?

I went home and called Pacific Wildlife Care, grabbed my camera and a piece of bread and headed back. The poor thing was sitting in the campground. I walked kind of close and sat down. That pelican got up and and hobbled right over to me!

Pelicans appear so graceful and strong while flying, but on the ground, even a healthy one can be sort of clumsy and funny. He didn't care for the bread, but the campground host who had also called the wildlife care, brought over some raw chicken. He liked that!

Very soon the wildlife rescue workers arrived. Yay! Now I can finish my walk knowing the pelican is being cared for. I hope he's a lucky pelican who can mend and be released!

A large amount of brown pelicans are being brought into the wildlife center sick, injured and starving--could be the results of our past storms. I was reassured by the workers who said they just released a few today that had recuperated, so the ones that are being tended to are getting better! But Pacific wildlife does need help, click the link to read more.


Unknown said...

Animals can sense good people with good intentions. Thanks for keeping Pelican company until help came. Folks know about Animal Control for dog and cat rescue. Wildlife rescue does not nearly have the same funding and support. Thanks for bringing that to everyone's attention too.

martha miller said...

OH! So glad that big bird is getting help! Looks so sad!!! Yay, you!

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Sheila and Martha, The campground host had put in the first call, so the rescue workers came very quickly--thank goodness, but that pelican seemed so tame! The workers said, that is a sure way of knowing an animal is sick or hurt--they will sidle up to a person!

Dean Grey said...

You're a hero, Susan!

If you hadn't discovered the pelican and called for help who knows what its fate would've been.

Good for you!


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