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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Charcoal Figure Study IV

After I started this one of my granddaughter, I left the room and came back to her drawing on the portrait! When she saw me she dropped the charcoal pencil and hid under a blanket on the couch. Her reaction was interesting, because she had never done this before, it's like she instinctively knew it wasn't OK . I was surprised, but wasn't too upset because it was at the beginning of the portrait. I decided to keep her lines in. I like them. She said she was helping, by drawing in the bench she was standing on.
It's tough to take a picture of a black and white drawing without that blueish color of the white paper--The best lighting I've found is outside, just before the sun rises in the morning. I took this just after the sun set, but no, that light is not the same. I hang my show today. Yesterday, besides drawing this portrait, I framed five figure studies. I've really left things up to the last minute. Time, time is the thing...
Also--check it out, I made her feet just a bit bigger than they should be--she looks a little like a hobbit!
Charcoal on bristol paper, 19"x 24"


martha miller said...

Wonderful! And I love that P insisted on collaborating with Gramma - after all, she has seen you draw on many of her paintings!


Did I ever tell you this story? Years ago DeWitt Hardy finished a very extensive and expensive commisioned piece, after working on it for several weeks. The buyers came to fetch it - they all first went out to dinner to celebrate and upon returning to DeWitt's house found that while they had been out, DeWitt's twin sons had colored all over the painting!!! It was ruined!! And telling the story, DeWitt retained a sense of humor about it! (Tragedy + Time = Comedy!)

Susan Beauchemin said...

Who was watching the children?

martha miller said...